How to get better at anything? 10 Tips From an Average Man 😊

Today we are getting better at the thing we want to learn or get perfect at. Keep in mind that perfection is a phrase that always runs away from you and the main purpose is to chase it. So, here we go:

  • Mindset

Maintain and keep the proper mindset when you want to learn something. Ease your mind, give in some time and effort, focus on the job you gave yourself. If you want to attain this, you should be sacrificing, forfeiting other things in order to do so.

  • Observation

Is it music you want to do? Listen. Listen more. Is it sports you want to learn? Watch. Watch more. See how professionals do their job at serious levels of competition. Follow your accomplishment. Football? Watch premier league, follow it, be passionate about it. Snooker? Watch Ronnie O’ Sullivan pot some balls, follow worldwide tournaments. Music? Find your style and listen to your superiors. That way, you keep track of the matter you want to get more into.

  • Research & Application

Research and analysis. Key to success in every aspect of life. With the true application, the level of perfection is more reachable. If you want to climb the StepS of the thing you would like to get better at, you should be wondering about everything. Even the ones people generally thrust aside or even the ones which are hardly ever encountered. Learn the thing. Gaining general wisdom about the things you are into would never be a problem, it would drive you to learn more and climb higher quite the contrary.

  • Mastering The Fundamentals


After your research and applyment of your outcomes to your brain as wisdom, here come the fundamentals. Fundamentals are the most important angle of any kind of thing. Basics, namely, teach you the thing, and mastering them makes you even closer to perfect. When you make a great observation you will eventually see that the pros are doing the basics as best as they can which makes them professionals. Do not ever underestimate the power of the first StepS.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice Again… Repeat

From day one to the entire period of your life, this should be your routine. None of the pros ever quit practicing. This cycle would get you closer to your goal, and this tip may be the most important one on this list. Do not you ever leave this cycle. Understand the importance.

  • Have Fun!

The previous step might get a bit dull sometimes. Do not forget to sparkle joy in your “getting better at something” life. Practicing guitar? Try some basic guitar songs that you’d love! Learning basketball? Try to learn a basic fancy trick to motivate yourself. That is the way to keep going with happiness.

  • Always Ask Why?

Always ask questions to yourself. Why? How? How did s/he do it? Why did s/he do it that way? Could s/he have done it the other way? Would it be more efficient? Etc. These are the logical processes of improving yourself just by the mean of analyzing the situation in front of you. Do it deeply, you would eventually get results. The reason lying behind I put this tip is that to remind you of the essentiality of analyzing.

  • Give a Break

Do not push yourself too hard for anything, we are all humans, and we need breaks. We sometimes crave being isolated from the things we focus on, and easing, relaxing our minds. Take a rest sometimes, you will see that you move higher in the ladder of perfection.

  • Take Easy StepS

Although we expect to learn and master the thing we are into in a certain, and a short period of time – as the nature of humanity – mastering something takes patience. You should be disciplined enough and give in a substantial amount of time to obtain mastery. So, learning a bit of it every time is way more efficient than trying to learn everything at once. Schedule yourself. In another saying take smaller StepS into the heart of the job, do not go all-in in one move.

  • Co-Operation

Learn together, ask your questions to your friends who are already into the thing. Discuss opinions, share your ideas, join communities regarding your accomplishment. Thus, you will gain different Windows to look upon your thing which leads to improvement. Seeing other points of view makes you a better analyzer of affairs, positions, and circumstances. Thus, the way you look at things would develop, eventually concluding in closer reach to perfection. The more you get angles to approach your matter, the more you improve yourself. Trust me, you will not regret it. It is fun to have someone to talk to about your opinions, dreams, and thinkings. As you can receive answers, you can also help others! Do not be afraid of co-operating


So this is it. 10 tips for you to learn or get better at anything. I hope this guide would help you climb your StepS easier in the state of perfection.

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