A View From The Top of The World, Dream Theater Album Review

The Alien

Although it felt like a “distance over time” song at first -which most of us really did not like- it recovers itself to a more lively tone, yet protecting, keeping a dark atmosphere, -obviously a personal thought- melody and combination which DT made us miss and finally provide to us. As a lover, I have been seeking Portnoy at the drums and in the production section, however, in this recent album, I have not, meaning that they have done a great job actually after the uninspired distance over time. Alien makes me feel I am listening to real DT and the sounds make me think of “6.00” Feels like an old great DT song as of the conclusion which is a great start to an album. And I LOVED the final 1 minute.

Answering the Call

Ohhohooww, at first, oh My word! What an entrance! Absolute magnificence! Definitely my favorite from the album and probably will take its place on the favorites of DT list. Mangini proves that he is a machine, again. Jordan and Petrucci as well, what a sequence! Here comes the verse with a strong riff and befitting vocals. We hear some classic DT mechanics after in a way but I think this is why we keep on listening to them. Cause despite they are sticking to a “formula” kind of thing, they are still coming with differences that sound good and-most of the time- inspiring :). At around 4.30, before the solo, great-great build up which makes you feel like Rob Halford is about to scream after kind of a riff. And of course, Petrucci making his guitar speak for himself. And of course, lyrics are not just meaningless words combined, there is a great story and a telling of that of course which we will be digging deeper later on.

Invisible Monster

I love the feel of this song and the album. It recalls me some other great DT songs but just recalls them. They perfectly make you realize this is a different song that still carries the spirit of the DT we fans love. I loved that thin line between the “same as old” and “inspired from the old but innovative, altered in some kind of way” states. Around 1.30 we hear a decent guitar build up along with the vocals then comes the chorus which is yet again some kind of classic DT chorus. (A rite of passage kind of one). Around 3.30 we start to slow a bit which felt like the start of “On the backs of angels” but the way it goes on is definitely unique and joyful. Again, Petrucci is at his top… no words to describe this mate, just watch& listen to this man provide you his thinking of art and music. And as I understand from the atmosphere, feeling, and the words this invisible monster is actually us ourselves. Another meaningful combination to a befitting melody. Decent, decent song.

Sleeping Giant

Unique and arguably dark entrance, going on with a “broken” sounded heavy riff which eventually gets in the shape of a DT riff after. Jordan Rudess was at his best at the start. A decent dynamic part along with the vocals, Mangini making his hands sing the song with those hi-hats between. Not about the music but those atmospheric transitions are the ones that get me all the time. Very motivative melodies between chorus and verse. That dynamic goes on with a sharp turn. To those who do not understand, (:d) please listen to the previous album, you will eventually get why I kept talking in terms of inspiring, spirit, etc. this album smells DT all around. This is the real DT. Decent song, literally not much could have been said. I mean, it can’t be my job to criticize this kind of guys mate, who am I tho? Right? But just take it, a bunch of personal thoughts for you. Another decency…


Transcending Time

Of course “a creative and a hard to follow what is going on” build up (lol) and a contrary easy and relaxing vocal melody again differs to more exciting bridge parts going more mobile. Turning back to a slower verse part again contradicts one second later. This song is kind of a differences, contraries’ song. But of course, there is a correlation between all. Perfectly represented. Definition of decency. Astonishing. Always keeping The motion at their hands, pure control. Once slow, once dynamic but never annoying quite the contrary makes you listen more.

Awaken The Master

Gem. Old gem. That dynamic intro, drums along with that heavy riff turning into a more DT entrance with the participation of Jordan Rudess, it’s just crazy. Goes on, even more, faster and still keeps the feeling. Around 1.40, the keyboard takes the scene along with Mangini’s great fillings. Then Petrucci steps up, makes the song level up. Turning back to a dark and heavy riff before the lyrics which goes along with it too. Very nice chorus. I mean, no words… just listen. I am literally staring down and nothing comes to my mind to describe what is going on… Incredible song. Just incredible.

A View From the Top of the World

20 minutes of pure mastery, pure art. Sit tight and try to follow what is going to happen, cause we are hearing from the top of the world… Very nice fitting guitar riff along with the vocals which differentiate itself from the dark theme later. Moving on with a characteristic and a heavy, arguably dynamic riff from Petrucci. Mangini follows it with great decency. Well, I guess this is the part Myung gets his respect. What a performance throughout the whole album, he deserves these credits. As we speak on, the song becomes even more awesome, inspiring, joyful, magnificent, decent song to finish the album. Amazing riffs, amazing melodies, crazy solos, and so on. DT released an idea of how they see the world, obviously from the top.


Now that we have a glimpse of their ideas and view from the top, we can enjoy listening to them in a more understanding way. DT at its usual, getting better as they’re aging, like a fine wine. Despite a few arguably bad jobs, still at the top level when it comes to progressive music and art. They will be in Istanbul on the 1st of July 2022. Go on, grab a ticket. Go and watch them reflect on their art. Well, do not forget to have fun ofc!!

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